Extrusion Blow Molding Machines

Extrusion Blow Molding Machines

Ulai Enterprises Pvt. Ltd (UEPL) represents ST Blow, a Swiss / Italian company, a renowned name in “Extrusion Blow Molding Machines" and considered as the best in "Suction Blow Molding Machines" in the world.
Their machines are manufactured in Italy and Switzerland under very strict quality controls and backed up by efficient after sales services. These machines are used for plastic blown products (until 2000 lt) for technical blow molded parts ranging from Industrial packaging to complex 3 Dimensional ducts (3D suction blow) for automotive, household appliances etc.

We are the exclusive business associate of ST to supply their whole product range either EBM/SBM alone and/or turn key project covering geographical area of India and adjoining countries viz. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Suction Blow Molding Machine Series:
ASPI Series ( 3D Suction Blow Molding ): ST offers 3D Blow Molding Machines / Suction Blow Molding that are used for the production of 3D convoluted and tubular pipes. Unlike conventional extrusion blow molding machines, 3D blow molding machines consent to produce components of difficult shapes reducing amount of scrap to minimum. Total longitudinal and radial thickness control allows producing complex articles with uniform distribution of material. Further, low flash production during 3D blow molding and hight tech suction blow molding causes reduction in both operating costs (as reduced amount of material being processed lowers the power usage of drive motors and heating systems) and capital investment (because of the use of smaller extruders, lower clamping forces, simple deflashing systems, smaller granulators, smaller blenders and conveyors as well as smaller chillers).

ASPI E Move – All Electric single layer.

ASPI Mono - It is the best adapted machine to offer 3D suction technology / Suction blow in the market, due to its high technical innovation and its production versatility. Single Layer/One Material.It has been designed so that it can accommodate a blowing unit, which enables the machine to be used as a conventional blow molding machine (2D) as well.

ASPI Dual and SECO – The ASPI DUAL blow molding machines can process two totally different materials simultaneously and independently, using a single clamping unit dimensioned to accommodate two different molds.
Accumulator Head Extrusion Blow Molding Series
ISIT Series: The mould clamping unit with single cylinder and double tie-bar characterises the ISIT Series of extrusion-blow moulding machines. The machine components that may flex while conveying the clamp force are independent from the plates to accommodate the mould, so ensuring perfect planarity and parallelism of the two half-moulds under any condition. The models of the ISIT Series are ranked in the highest category of merit for energy efficiency according to the Euromap 46.1 procedure for extrusion-blow moulding machines (class 10: less than 0.29 kWh/kg of HDPE).

TA Series: The extrusion-blow moulding machines with accumulator head of the TA Series – featuring closed-frame symmetric clamping units – have been the hallmark of ST BlowMoulding for many years under the ST Soffiaggio Tecnica, Zaga and Meico brands. These machines have been specially developed for the production of a wide range of plastic moldings products with larger mold size. The TA Series shares the same melting technology as the ISIT Series.
Continous Extrusion Blow Molding Machine Series
The continous extrusion blow molding machine (EC-COEX) series is based on multilayer technology with "3 platen" clamping units, with stretched diagonal tie bars, single or double carriage.
The blow molding machines of the EC-COEX series are dedicated to the production of packaging articles, plastic drums, plastic tanks, IBC containers and plastic fuel tanks.
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